Nevada DUI Chemical Tests

Chemical Tests Failure to submit to a breath, blood or urine test as directed by a police officer results in a driver’s license revocation of at least one year. A blood sample can be drawn involuntarily if the officer obtains a warrant or court order.

This first offense will also require the completion of online DUI school for Las Vegas or Nevada.

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(NRS 484C.150, 484C.160, 484C.200, 2015 AB 67)

Nevada & Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Illegal Per Se “Illegal per se” means that the operation of a vehicle by a person with a blood alcohol content (BAC) at or above the legally defined threshold constitutes an offense of impaired driving in and of itself. Nevada’s blood alcohol limit is .08 and .04 for commercial drivers. Note that these limits are only guides. Drivers can be arrested and convicted for DUI with a lower BAC reading or for driving under the influence of controlled or prohibited substances.

After your First Offense you will be required to complete an 8 Hour, Level 1 DUI Course, approved and licensed by the State of Nevada. Some Nevada DUI Course Providers provide Online DUI school, which makes it much easier for taking the course.

(NRS 484C.110)

Nevada DUI School

Nevada DUI School
Nevada DUI School

Online Nevada DUI Schools can be quite difficult to find, especially if you are in Nevada.

If you are charged with a DUI offense, a good lawyer is very important to help you in your defense, but you will also be required to take your First Offender DUI Course certified and licensed by Nevada. We are a certified and licensed Nevada DUI School provider….but even better, we’re Online!

We are the premier (non-third party) Nevada DUI School, and we have access to the specialists in drunk-driving cases.

We provide only such services for DUI offenses. We do not provide legal advice but we do have access to Nevada’s best DUI attorneys, and a lawyer can guarantee you more than just arguments in court. Since DUI laws are complicated, a good attorney can pick holes in the case against you and, with some technical help, he or she can get you out of the charge with a small penalty.

DUI statues vary according to the degree of the charge as well as your driving history.

If you have a DUI charge within a seven-year period, the court can severely punish you. Apart from this, the reputation of your lawyer as well as the evidence against you can significantly swing the case. If you are found guilty of the charge, the court can fine you about $1,200 and give you a 3-year informal probation. First-time offenders can be let off more easily. First-time offenders also end up attending a Nevada DUI First Offender School.

DUI laws also distinguish between drunken driving and recklessness.

If the charges are reduced to recklessness, the penalties are much less severe. Another aspect of DUI defense is the DMV hearing. 702 DUI School is Licensed and Approved by Nevada DMV and Courts.

At 702 Online DUI School, our function as a business is to serve our students to help get your DUI ticket issue behind you, quickly and easily!

Getting a DUI violation is not a desirable moment in anyone’s life. We can ease you of any stress you have for your DUI course. No Worries! We have developed our approved online Nevada DUI School specifically to make meeting your court and state requirements as easy and fast as possible.