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Welcome to the Las Vegas Municipal Court Online Court DUI Education Website, created in partnership and certified with the Nevada DMV. First time students, simply click on the Get Started button to enroll. If you are resuming your course, use the login button at the top of the page then click on Resume Course. This Las Vegas Municipal DUI Course is provided to you by the Las Vegas Municipal Courts and the Nevada DMV, the running of this website and collection of Las Vegas Municipal DUI School Court fees is processed via 702 Online Schools, LLC.

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If you’ve been arrested in Las Vegas for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) then it is the beginning of  a long process that can be, stressful, expensive, and can even be an embarrassing process that involves multiple Court and DMV appearances. Once you have been charged with a Las Vegas DUI, you can face many severe penalties that include: loss of driver’s license, expensive fines, multiple DUI classes, community service, and jail time. Las Vegas Municipal DUI School can become quite complex trying to find the right school. You have now found the right place for your Las Vegas Municipal Court Online Court Education Website.

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Welcome to 702 DUI School, the premeire Nevada Onlie DUI Course.

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You can take your required mandatory Nevada alcohol/drug awareness course from your home or the office, 24 hours a day. Our DUI Course provides and informs you of the serious legal consequences of drinking/using drugs and driving.

This is an 8 Hour Online Course. You can take at your own pace. Take one hour, log out and then come back later. You can also do it all at once. When you log out, our system remembers your progress for the next time you log in. Making our Online DUI Class easy, convenient and suited to your own schedule.

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This online class is designed to fit anyone’s schedule, allowing you to complete your DUI course from anywhere you have access to the Internet. We also offer 24/7 live customer support, in case you have any questions or concerns. Our online DUI course if 5 simple modules, that are separated in a way to make learning as simple as can be. You can log out and in, as often as needed. No need to finish the entire 8 hour course all at once, unless you want to. Simply log out, and come back later to pick up where you left off.

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